Support Local

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When you choose to spend your dollars in your own community, with small family-owned businesses, you are making a statement about your value system. When small businesses use their spending power to buy from other local producers, it creates a virtuous cycle that keeps local economies going.

We have three foundational legs holding this business up.

1. Our commitment to our community - our employees, our neighborhood and our greater Zylberschtein’s community.

2. Our commitment to seek and make Jewish fare from my family recipes and dishes from the Jewish diaspora

3. Our commitment to local sourcing. As much and as often we will use small producers from Washington state. All of our flour, coffee, dairy, honey, and much of our produce is sourced deliberately from other small local businesses.

Sourcing the best from
the Pacific Northwest.

Over the past decade I have committed myself to sourcing varietal grain and primary ingredients from local growers. Our featured partners include:

We are constantly seeking out new partners and producers to partner with us. If you are interested in being a supplier to us please contact us at catering@zylberschtein.com.

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Giving Back to our Community

We believe that supporting local is more than just how we source our ingredients. It means supporting the schools and local non-profits and other businesses in our community. As part of our commitment to local we’ve donated products to annual fundraisers, fed essential workers during COVID, donated loaves of bread through Community Loaves to local food banks, hosted events to raise funds for donation, and many other ways. We thank our customers for their help in making donations possible and look forward to continuing this work. We welcome suggestions for other organizations to support in the coming year. Send your ideas to catering@zylberschtein.com or contact us about supporting your next fundraiser.